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A Black Conservative (REV) and an Ornery Cowboy (GODFATHER) team up to help save America. Road.FM is a politically incorrect Broadcast with a twist of comical candor. No Opinions, No Debates. TRIGGER warning. Liberals will probably not like it at all as ...

Recent Episodes

Ep. 117 - Florida

Nov. 12, 2021

Florida, you can’t spell it without the Lord. God has his hand on us for sure. The Republic Revolution starts here. Plus our special guest the “Taskmaster” talks from a realtors prospective. #RoadFM #FJB #RedNexus #taskmaste…

Ep. 116 - Reprobate Mind (part 2)

Nov. 9, 2021

Part 2 of the Reprobate Mind episode #RoadFM #FJB #RedNexus #ReprobateMind   ▶ www.Road.FM/members

Ep. 115 - Reprobate Mind (part 1)

Nov. 5, 2021

(part 1) We can all see biden has lost his marbles, but has it been replaced with the reprobate mind from Romans 1:26-32? #RoadFM #FJB #RedNexus #ReprobateMind   ▶ www.Road.FM/members

Ep. 114 - Way It Should Be

Nov. 2, 2021

America, the way it should be. What would our country look like with a 10% Flat Tax, Terms limits for all elected officials, Unrestricted 2nd Amendment, overturning ROE v Wade, and abolishing gay marriage? We can dream can’t…

Ep. 113 - Halloween

Oct. 29, 2021

Why do we celebrate a pagan ritual called samhain where the blood of children ran down the hills? Something doesn’t seem right. #RoadFM #FJB #RedNexus #Halloween  ▶ www.Road.FM/members

About the Hosts


A Truck Driving, Harley Riding, Country Loving, Certified Chaplain, and Black Conservative American Patriot who loves living in Florida, a/k/a the “SON” Shine State. There's no time for debates or opinions of fools, as he's not the idiot whisperer.

• "You're just mad because facts contradict the lies you live." -Rev

• "I'd rather die on my feet, than ever live on my knees." -Emiliano Zapata

• "Don't blame others for the road you chose, that's your own asphalt." -Unknown

• "I was called to win Souls not arguments, so keep that negativity to yourself." -Rev

• "Nobody owes you anything, you're rewarded exactly what you've earned." -Rev

• "I actually care where you spend eternity, that's why I'm telling you the truth." -Rev

• “You’re entitled to your own opinion, and I’m entitled not to know what it is.” -Unknown


A Harley Riding, Guitar Playing, Ornery Cowboy, and True American Patriot who's working hard to stop the socialist takeover of these United States. He's the proud personification of FLORIDA MAN. His hobbies include kicking commie asses and raising hell.

• "They say Facts don’t care about your feelings, well I care about them even less.” -Godfather

• “I got a Red Neck, I wear white socks , & I drink Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer!” -Godfather

• "Give people enough rope and the bad ones always hang themselves.” -Godfather

• "Afterlife Americans are the democrats biggest voter base” -Godfather

• "ANTIFA is a terrorist organization made up of the least terrifying punks on Earth.” -Godfather

• “I absolutely refuse to play the preferred pronouns game, I call it like I see it.” -Godfather

• “Bees don’t waste time explaining to Flies why Honey is better than Sh!t.” -Unknown