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Oct. 1, 2021

Road.FM Press Release

Road.FM Press Release

A Black Conservative, and an Ornery Cowboy team up to help save America.

PRESS RELEASE · Florida, USA · For Immediate Release

What happens when a Black Conservative, and an Ornery Cowboy team up to help save our Constitutional Republic? You get Florida’s most Banned Broadcast. Road.FM “Voices of Freedom” the Republic Organized Against Destruction. A politically incorrect Broadcast with a twist of comical candor, co-hosted by “REV” and the “GODFATHER.” They give it to you raw and straight to the point, with no opinions or debates. Touted as one of Florida’s most Banned Broadcasts of all-time, for simply speaking the truth.

After amassing a strong following on YouTube and Spotify, they were banned on both platforms without warning or explanation losing over 102,000 followers. Not to mention, being throttled on Facebook and other social media sites. This did not stop the dynamic duo as their loyal listeners (the Nomads) relentlessly share the show on other free speech platforms.

Rev“REV” - A Truck Driving, Harley Riding, Country Loving, Certified Chaplain, and Black Conservative American Patriot that loves living in Florida, a/k/a/ the “SON” Shine State. There's no time for debates or opinions of fools, as he's not the idiot whisperer.

Godfather“GODFATHER” - A Harley Riding, Guitar Playing, Ornery Cowboy, and True American Patriot who's working hard to stop the socialist takeover of these United States. He's the proud personification of FLORIDA MAN. His hobbies include kicking commie asses and raising hell.

Each episode is a refreshing conservative dissection of the propaganda being sold by the left. They strip away all the fear porn, and get straight to the facts.

Throughout the show “REV” gives key talking points, and the “GODFATHER" adds his comical candor. Society would have you believe because of their obvious differences, they should not even get along. However, the common love for country living and motorcycles broke the race barrier, and these two have been trusted Amigo’s for many years.

New Episodes every Tuesday and Friday on most major Podcast Apps (subscribe now before they get banned again). If you can’t find them, be sure to check their website www.Road.FM for the latest updates and information.

Listen to the trailer by CLICKING HERE and enjoy the ride.