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July 23, 2021

Ep. 85 - One Nation Under Fraud

Ep. 85 - One Nation Under Fraud

In accordance with Title 36 Section 176(a) of the U.S. flag code, we are now One Nation Under Fraud. The democrats are in power because they stole the election, and have done nothing but ruin this country in a short period of time. May God help us to stop this treasonous rogue government.

In accordance with Title 36 Section 176(a) of the U.S. flag code, we are now One Nation Under Fraud. The democrats are in power because they stole the election, and have done nothing but ruin this country in a short period of time. May God help us to stop this treasonous rogue government.

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You're writing with rev fan The Godfather on What's up nomads we are back all right what's up godfather? I got an email from our attorney. Oh no

got a disclaimer He wants me to read on air Is that all right? Brother height everything you're about to hear is all bullshit. Don't believe a word of it. If you're here for an education,

you're in the wrong place you're in the wrong spot. And if this is an emergency, please hang up and dial 911 Now today's episode we're going at one nation under fraud under fraud. What do you got for us? Well here's here's some fraud Wait, wait before we get into that, ladies, gentlemen, whatever platform you're listening to this on, be sure to like share and subscribe. We got to get this word out that's it there's one thing I won't share and that's my chick fil a here we go to chick fil a I knew it was coming out not

these bastards are trying to stop chick fil a from coming into the University of Notre Dame and it's like look not just there in New York to what in the hell is wrong with you liberals Good lord not even open on Sunday and they're not Yeah, I mean, if you don't like chick fil a don't shop there but don't stop the sandwiches from opening a store.

I happen to like that chick fil a sauce.

Oh man that chick you know the thing is I like the chicken I like you know like the I like stuff I really like the service they have people are good you know you're you They always align around the block but it goes real fast. And you know then then you got Burger King name any of these damn fast food joints in this town? Maybe it's different in your town but it's like you know chick fil a you get nice lady at the window when you get when you pull a smile and she has like teeth you know thank you for coming to chick fil a What can I help you with sir blah blah blah and you get up there and by the time you get to everything's right it's all in the bag is no no hassle that people are running around back there like somebody is cracking a whip on like go go go the man and there's two managers on duty at all times. And this stuff's always good. Then you go to one of these other joints and is like what you want well hold a good burger. What do you mad thank you on a plate like like God forbid I stopped by a damn hamburger.

I'm sorry. You know you're there at 1030 sir we close at 11


we already broke everything down. But the other part of the I see why chick fil a stands head and shoulders above these guys man they don't you know they worked their ass off and they must be a good training programming you see on the news where the whole shift quit at Burger King. But the thing on the side, we all quit. Do you know why they quit? Because they because they were working like 70 hour air conditioner, bro and aircon. Oh, yeah. Listen, that ain't their fault. That's management. Right? And that's goes all the way up the corporate. You know, if you got some idiot that's running one of your stores. And you in you send it in, you know, there's this there's regional managers that have to drive around and inspect these places. If you got to place it looks like it's, you know, falling apart, man. Maybe you need to rectify this situation. So I can tell you, anybody from Burger Kings listening, the Clermont Burger King,

county board tamales. He didn't need that, you know, they just need to expand pizza. It's like your burger king is disc. The flies don't even go in there.

Well, I tell you, the funniest thing and so like every now and then and I mean, every now and then. I just get to where I want to walk or like I forgot how bad they were. Yeah, it's a man I really want to walk around watching this damn commercial on this guy beat the hell out. I want to

get one for you remember what they used to say Danny Danny's in the level and

and you know, you get the same old thing was I want a whopper so you get now it's you know, it's I want I want a whopper with cheese and fries and whatever. All right, you know, then you go up to the window. And the lady hands down. saucepan or some shit to you. And you're supposed to dump your money in that right your credit card. Hey, look at the fingernails mechanic. I know you look at the fingernails and it's like, how do you do anything with them two foot long. Did you get resolved? takes the damn the credit card out of the thing. Yeah. And then she Yeah, and then she they run the card. Then they put it back in there and then they hand the thing back to us. And meanwhile I'm not touching my credit card I'm touching. The 500 people have touched in the last hour and then at the pan back and then they put the food in the pan hannity and you just sit there and say why in the hell am I doing just hand me the bag. Then you get the damn Whopper and it's like, man, it ain't even nothing like it used to be the

Alleged it's beef. So they say, Okay, I got a question for you. I Reagan. Who was the most crooked president in history in history?

Well, I mean, I know the Biden's are having some issues, but we didn't get there yet. But but we're only in six months. Oh, my God. Well, I mean, what comes to mind from my own experience? Okay. You know, I mean, history books typically don't tell you Oh, this one was your lifetime. during my lifetime is definitely the Clinton administration thinks Oh, man, they were renting out the Lincoln bedroom. You want I mean, like they were renting it out to donors like if you don't donated X amount of money they did their hell they didn't You're kidding me. And they could you could then you could stay in the Lincoln bedroom. Like it was Holiday Inn or something. Then

that Hillary Creek thing to give you? Was that going to happen? That wouldn't be very happy nightmares a call unhappy meal

Come on, due to Bill claimed voice was so hot chicks would do this come in written the Lincoln bedroom, I'd show my Lincoln log.

They got rid of you know, the White House has their own had their own travel agencies, their own group who worked there. And they would book all the flights all the travel for me, you know, when when the Secret Service, you know, like blue fly on Air Force One, but there was a whole contingent of people who do take you know, ambassadors and everything that would fly all kinds of different commercial flights. So back then the Commission's on a commercial airline ticket was pretty damn good. So they're running like a orbit? Well, what Hillary did because the people who'd worked there had worked from for five different administrations, you know what I mean? So it was like, you know, everybody knew them. They were these people that just, it was like the chef, they just stayed you know, they work for the White House. They didn't work for the for the President. She went and shit canned all of them and put her people in there. Who would got who get the damn, the commission is just like a real travel agency. So she had a business in the semi like and there were people there there was a lot of people that were pretty pissed about that man how to things like this happen because in the White House, because they all loved Bill Clinton back then everyone on Arsenio Hall played the damn saxophone. And he was in Harlem. Oh, yeah. black president. so full of shit. Oh, bad. All right here. I got one. So that was pretty that would do. I mean, I felt that was a fairly good thing. There are just so many things tied to that administration, like that vince foster guy supposedly shooting himself in, you know, in his left handed, but

he had the damn gun in the right hand. He's the guy that committed suicide with two bullets and I don't know what to deal with. Allegedly. That was one of her first hits Hillary if you're listening. Yeah. That's an album for anyone who's ready to get more hits than the Eagles. All right. I got one for you. While this particular president was in the White House, john F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King. Yep. And Malcolm X, are all assassinated. Lyndon Johnson, Lyndon B. Johnson. Yeah, he was he had some funky stuff going on, too. Yeah. Well, you know, they tried to, allegedly that he wanted he wanted Hillary. But she was just in grade school. She pride in the Book Depository. Oh, we got out of shooting young age apparently. So JFK wanted to end the Vietnam War. And LBJ wanted to escalate it because the moneymaker was a damn big moneymaker. And JFK was winding it down he got killed, and LBJ ramped it up right back right. His wife held significant stock in the airlines that were flying the boys back and forth. You're kidding me? Nope. So they made a fortune. Here's a word. Here's the most corrupt thing about LBJ that I know about. He would take meetings while he was sitting on the toilet taking a shit he would like you'd have to stand in there and talk to me while I was sitting. Oh, come on. Nope. That is horrible. Nope. I would never suggest to another human to that. My dog came to the bathroom one day when I was out of ball. I threw him out by looking at you know you guys standing there smell at this like excrement as you call it. It's like you know you sitting there and the dogs looking at you like come on man. The dogs can smell what 1000 times stronger than even He can't good. My dog follows me everywhere up, David. We're off subject off topic. Now we're talking for hours and bathroom. This dog follows me everywhere. Yeah, so apparently I didn't latch the door all the way when I ran in. Yep. When you guys told me problems, don't trust the fart. They call your mom's listening. They call that sorry. She laughs dude, they call that a shit attack. Some attack. So I ran in a bathroom in a hurry. Didn't latch the door. A few minutes later. Here he comes with his yo ears down. He's looking at me his tails wagging. Yeah, there's something dead in the house. You gotta get out. Is he appeared this morning. I rode kill it here. I was like, Yeah, but he's a good dog.

While we're talking about people in the bathroom. Oh, no, no, man. Like, you know, in a relationship. The dude's taking a shit and the woman. No, that's not my house. No, no, never. Never. You can't. No, no, no. Next to that. What? No, no, no, no. You know, close the door. You're not you're not in there. You know, like, I tell you what, I was in the shower, or the house one time. And in their bedroom. They had a bathtub and a toilet. Like, like, you know, they had like the corner of their, the corner of the room was tiled of this big bedroom. So not like a master there was no wall. Right? So like, the prison toy, right? Yeah. Well, you know, it's a nice toilet, you know, but but like, if you had to get up take a dump in the middle of the night. You were instilling. You're in the middle of the day. Yeah, you're still in your room. Your wife's laying now. We're gonna curried and we know, there wasn't a shower curtain. There wasn't nothing, just a tile floor. Heck, no. And I'm like, who designed this crap? Like, what level of closeness does a couple have? That's like, Oh, you know, I

hold your hand while you're running up mode lfu and your rats and shit. So the wife sleeping? You're on the toilet would have you had tacos or something?

Just like everybody in there and you're like trying to be quiet. Because you know it's good. What's worse is always on the ball. Like, oh my god. I don't you know, girls shit. Peppermint sticks, you know, like, you know, nothing's worse like, so. You're in the house in the crappers like, I give you a story I'm he's one of us. We went up north to visit these days people that an old farmhouse, you know, right? Well back when they built these damn old farmhouses that there was outdoor plumbing, right so like like, like we literally went to visit a guy who had a crapper on his back porch like that was never even gotten the house. Like he was 30 blocky, just want to get outside. All right, slippers up, right. So this place you know, this is old farmhouse. That's when the flies and right off the kitchen was their bathroom. You know, the only bathroom in the damn house? You know, they don't have the toilet. I mean, I imagine there was something upstairs. I didn't I didn't I was a gadget renter. Right. But he obviously like a 10 year old kid. 12 Okay, I was a kid. Right? Yeah, they have electricity. They did. Oh, okay. So now sitting there. Like, it's like the breakfast table. You know, people are eating and stuff. Any offset and feel a little pain like, man, take a dump in the summer. So I'm like, man, Where's the bathroom? Oh, it's right through there. So now I open the door and go in. I'm literally two feet from these people. You know what I mean? Like, like, so I closed the door. And I noticed the door is like I don't know what the hell it's made up. But it's like papered then. So I closed the door. Oh, yeah, I'm sitting there. And I'm like, because I'm not gonna I'm not gonna blast. I'm sitting there. Like, trying to squeeze it. No, I'm just trying to be take time. I'm assessing the situation. And I hear I can hear the dude like cutting his eggs with this fork. Like, it's so quiet in there to talk and and you can hear like, like, you know, it's like, I can hear him breathing, you know? So now you got this Damn, it's got you know, and I know it's gonna sound like a damn tuba concerto try to hold on trying to hold on to it. Nothing worse when you try to squeak one out, you know, like, like, trying to, like you're praying for that. And instead it's just like, wow, I mean, it was like, it's like, the first one the one kind of pops out. And then he sees it the coast is clear. And it's like a jailbreak.

Worse, like, you come out and you come out and there's like silence. everybody's like,

Well, of course, you know, and then it's like it's right there. Hell I would rather if I didn't know, I'd got out in the yard. I don't want out in the yard. Take a walk, but more seasonal. Nature just found that damn thing out. pile.

What kind of deer did this Oh, Lord, you know, with crooked presidencies, not a topic big enough shithead Yeah. Some tells me Biden will outdo all of the crookedness.

Well, it has to be Russian. It has to be investigated. Who's gonna investigated the FBI? I know that the CIA? Oh, no. When I was a kid, when I was a kid, I looked up to the FBI like, hey, the G man. He's got Yeah. Now I mean, they're just partisan people. I guy. They're the left's Hitman. Well, I mean, you just sit there like Hillary's it, man. I know when they like if they ever come to my house because of anything I say on this damn podcast. I'm just gonna sit silently, and just be like, I get my lawyer. already said, hell, if they just pull over asking me for directions. I'm sorry. I can't say that. They

let's put a disclaimer out there You ready? We are not any harm to ourselves or anyone else. And this is not legal advice. No, we don't offer legal advice. financial advice, though. Definitely. We're just out here shooting the breeze. We'd be doing this anyway in the parking lot. So Oh, yeah. Just like that. We have microphones to do this. Right? This is not cheap. I'm just waiting. Right? Any day now? Joe Biden's gonna utter the words. New World Order. Oh, it's coming. I guarantee him. And he'll have that black guy because they all get that boy.

That is man, they get the black guy and the cut on their hand on their favorite left middle finger. And you look man, I've been I've had a rough and tumble life. And I've hardly ever had any black eyes. You know, and to see that, like, you know, Bill Gates get a black guy.

Mitt Romney just had one. Latest inductee into that club. How do these people and it's always the same? i? The Pope had one. Yeah, man. Don't look that up. There's like, 100 of them. That's it. Yeah.

I mean, and it's not, you know, it's not a few people know, it's a lot. And then they all have that same band, that same damn band aid.

I'll give you a story. I'm not gonna say who it is. So please don't ask people. I was working for a very high profile. Prominent entertainer. Yep. We're on a tour bus coming across country. We're coming back from I think we're in Wyoming. Two or three tour buses tailing each other. We're on the tour bus drivers drive. And I was sitting in jumpseat. Whether the Humpty hump guy now. And I'm not going to tell you why. I've asked him, I guess. So we're sitting in, I'm sitting in the jump seat. It's the middle of the night. I hear the curtain open. And here comes the entertainer and he sits down like on the couch centered entertainer, not Cedric, the entertainer, what are you talking about? So he sits there and he's got his phone in his hand. And he's just shaking his head. And he's got like a worried look on his face. What's going on? And he goes, you know, I've always knew known this, but I never thought it would happen to me. I'm like, somebody die. Are you okay? He's like, in this industry, entertainment. You can only get so far before you get that call. And when you get that call, you have a decision. You either stop where you're at, you get no higher, or you accept their offer. sky's the limit. And I'm looking at and the driver is looking at me like, what was he talking about right? day in the barrel? And I look at him and I'm like, so what are you gonna do? He's gonna know, man, I can't I can't give this up. I can't go back. I said, Well, you will need to think about what you're considering here. I didn't know who called him. I didn't ask know that stuff. I was trying to be a friend to a client. Yeah. Fast forward. About a week later, he got a black guy and though we're in New York, his manager sends us to his attorney's office, big high rise attorney in downtown Manhattan, right? We go up. It was myself. security guy, road manager. And it was a lady with us. I don't know the publicist. Now. We go up, get off this luxury elevator and all this right big glass door. These doors were 20 feet tall. Yeah. Secretary sitting there. Oh, we've been waiting for you. Here's a list. order your food. You're going to be here for quite some time. The caterers deliver it. You guys will sit right in in that room and you can eat but I need him to come with me. Now, him being the r&d entertainer. I went everywhere with this guy. I hold a big tall glass door and I stepped in. He came in behind me. And I remember looking down the hall and I saw two women. I didn't see his attorney. I saw two ladies standing there. One was really tall and the longest black I've ever seen on a human being straight bone straight black hair really tall, but I didn't see your face. I saw the side profile. I didn't see a straight on. Then another shorter lady with blonde hair fairly skinny. And the Secretary stopped me. So no, no, he has to go by himself. I looked at her like, he was like, I'm good, man. I'm good. I'll be right out. I was like, all right. He walked down now all these women weren't smiling. They had no expression. It was more like he was scared of them. He was an entertainer of big status. Like he was a very famous person. That when people saw him they were like, oh, shaky green. I don't even know who that is. I mean, women throw clothes at him on stage. Oh, this Yeah, he was a superstar. rapper. Stop trying to narrow down so it's more fun to get

out to go. I'm staying at this glass door. I didn't go any further Carrot Top. Heck no. And I just remember, he walked in when he took the right into the office, the attorney's office. These women had no expression. I saw the little blonde one. I saw her face straight on but the other one never turned her face towards me. It was just her side profile. When he walked in, she walked in behind them. The little blonde woman looked at me no expression and walked in behind both of them in the door shop. The Secretary said well, you can go order now. He's gonna be here for a while. I was I got we go sit down. I just had this weird feeling. And man it started raining. The lightning the thunder you ever seen Ghostbusters? I remember that storm when the going on? It sounded like that was happening outside. Oh, yeah. So they brought us some big smorgasbord while eaten food and whatnot. hours have gone by. We ate so much. get tired. Take a nap. Yeah, my feet were up on the couch. I was knocked out. Here he comes through the door. And I jumped up like, in his left hand was wrapped in a white towel. And it was covered in blood. And he had a duffel bag in the Secretary had walked him out. And she was like, Okay, he's all set. Take care, guys. And she shut the door and locked real quick. And I was like, amen. You're right. He's, uh, yeah, take this back. And he was like, stumbling. He was weak. His lips were white. I noticed. Which means you lost a lot of blood. You only got four pints of blood in there. I don't care how big er. Yeah, you have four pints. I said you're down about two quarts or something. Right? We get them in a truck that was downstairs. I don't know what happened. I open that bag. It was full of cash. Oh, yeah. Full of cash in the bank rolls on him like $10,000 bands. He was like I made it, man. I made it. It's to the top now. Nothing's gonna stop me. And I just remember looking at him like, what did you do? What happened to your hand? Like he never told us what happened to his hand. He was just so happy about that bag. Oh, hell yeah. It would be to unwrap that finger. It was slipped from the bottom here. Deep all the way up the side to the top of the finger. Get out of town. I said. That's one hell of a paper cover. He was like, Nah, man. I had to do what I had to do. It was are you talking about that phone call, aren't you? He did not just like you just did. He just nodded at me. He was never the same. Again. Hell no. Man. He had to sign the devil's contract with that handyman. Somebody. Right. Okay. And I will never tell anybody his name. Everybody that was in that room that night. That if they're listening, they know what I'm talking about. And they're all sitting there going. Yeah, I remember that night. Because that's exactly how it happened. That's he still famous? Yeah. jurists? Yep. And that's going back. Late. 90s. I'm an old man, bro. Man. I'll tell you what. But to see that I witnessed a duffel bag full of cash full of cash. I opened I just keep my damn finger. Buy me a gold one. When I say duffel bag. I don't mean no camera, man. I mean, like a bag he would take to the gym. Yeah, that's all the money first of all, he didn't go in there with that bag. Nope. So where'd that bag come from? Where did all that damn money come from? I had a waiting on him. I just remember when his manager called and said Hey, you got to you know, go here, whatever. Even the driver was like, oh, happiness finger.

I don't know what If it was all hundreds man that's that's a boatload of money. It was a

stack of money with the $10,000 wrapper around it. Yeah. And there was tons of it in there. So he probably raves probably over 500,000 to a million guaranteed. That bag was heavy and it was all cash.

Most amount of money I ever had at one time was. I mean, I know this guy is going to listen to the things that the guys working for. So I'm going to mention the industry. I know I can just tell you this. It was 100% legal, okay. And there was no no shady business whatsoever. But we ended up with two duffel bags full of cash. All right. And we had to get it from the Carolinas. You were in Mexico? No, no. Okay. We had to get it from the Carolinas, jack Florida. Oh, Jesus. All right. Well, the thing is, you better drive the speed limit. Because if they pull you over and you got two duffel bags full of cash, I mean, follow cash. Somebody I go home and I know well, they're good. They want to know where you got it. And you can explain all day long. This is what you did to get it and show them receipts and stuff. But a lot of these crooked as small town, sheriff's. They take the money because you get your money back minus a small processing fee. First of all, the first processing fee is when the officer you know, allegedly, you know says there's only one back here. Well, you know, they so like, but you know, you've got to touch 47 people before you get it back. But then, like other than some of these, I mean, this is no bullshit and some of these locales it's, it's like a 10% fee. It's a Vig. Yeah. So like you know, if you got if you got $50,000 you leave in five other with the county to get it back. So needless to say, We drove very slowly, very tight assed way back, and you also didn't want to stop in the damn parking lot somewhere, you know, to get hammered on my head. Yeah. Some guy go to Robbie and realize you hit the motherlode. Or you've been set up? Yep. Oh, yeah. I never even thought of that. Well, the industry that we were in, even if I'd been set up, I could take any 10 of this set after me to send some pretty rough fellows if to get that money away from it. Now.

Cuban crisis happening right now. What do you know about it?

What do I know about it? Yeah, sure. The same thing I've known forever, man. In the 1950s. The commies took over, and it's been a shit show down there since Yeah.

So 1950s that was over 60 years ago. Oh, yeah, man. These people have been under communism tyranny. Yeah. Who was the lady that spoke at an event? She was Cuban. And she talked about her doll.

Oh, Lord, we had it. We had a lady come from our church that wanted to tell people, you know that, hey, this was like two years. Yeah. And when she hears these young people talking about how much they love communism, and socialism is like that. She's like, that's exactly how it was. When I was a kid. You know, they No, no, no, we're not going to be communist. We'll be socialists and the communists grew out of the socialist market. Always. Then they took over and Harold man, her dad owned a grocery store. And has new began Cuba. Okay. In the capitalist days. Yeah. And he had he had his own stuff. Yeah, he had a he had a few truck delivery trucks. And they were not well to do but they were upper middle class. Okay. And one day when they all they all wonder what was going to happen, you know, because it was all over the place that the commies had taken over. And they showed up and said, Alright, we're taking one of these trucks, they belong to us. The other truck belongs to us. The store belongs to us. You get to work at the store. So he owned it all in one day. They just said no. Then they went to his house. They took a nap. Just his house, everybody in the damn neighborhood. They were allowed to have nice, nice clothes for Sunday. So they had they had like one dress up dress. And then a couple other outfits. They took everything else from them. They took it and she said that they took that they took her dog she had a little dog and as a five year old girl. She remembers that and they took they took the damn doll away from her. You know? I tell you what, man piss on a bunch of commies.

Let's get this straight because in the history of that happening Yeah, and I looked it up before I came here. What did they do prior took weapons. Oh yeah, well course a quarry took the firearm. Yeah, they and fire of course they're gonna ban the damn fire. Not only firearms, any knife over 12 inches as well. I'd be in trouble there too. No machetes pocket knife. But you see what they're trying to do. Why do you think Biden's attacking the second amendment would all these fall well same thing to me shooting

all the commies it's all for our own good everything. You can you can boil down and I say shot you like I say this every episode. conservatism boils down to just leave me alone. I just want to be left alone and liberalism boils down to No, I'm not gonna ever gonna leave you alone. I don't like something, therefore you can't have it. And we're going

to take everything you have. Yep. And you'll be happy about it. Yeah. Well, you know, now, the DHS department of homeland and Department of Homeland Security. DHS Department of Homeland Security. The Secretary Mayorkas Yep. made a statement. Okay? Okay. He doesn't want Cubans migrating to the United States. Now, Biden, you know, why don't you? Well, hold on. Don't say, Yeah, I want to play the video. I'm gonna play the video. I don't even know why what you're going to say. But I can imagine. But it's ironic. Biden was all about flood the country with illegals from Mexico. But now he is DHS says don't come from Cuba. And I'm going to get your answer in a minute. But before I play this video, we're going to take a quick

folks, I want to play this video real quick. This is the secretary Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland Security, under Joe Biden, listen to this.

The time is never right. to attempt migration by sea to those who risked their lives doing so. This risk is not worth taking. Allow me to be clear. If you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States.

All of a sudden, they're against asylum seekers. Well, yeah, tell me why.

There's nobody hates a commie worse than somebody that escaped that shit. Exactly. They get here and they preach to these people. Hey, man, this is how it really is. This is how it really is how bad it is.

Yeah. So if you hadn't noticed them, boats only go one way. They never go back to Cuba. I tell you what I so let's boil this down. Yes, sir. The people jumping across the border from Mexico. What side of the fence? Do you think they'll land? That was no pun, and that's a good one. I meant what side of the aisle?

Well, they're gonna they're gonna vote more socialists Democrat. Well, you know, well, they've definitely hit the few fits where it but yeah, right.

So the people coming from Cuba would vote more. When they're going to vote, they're going to vote republican more conservative. Exactly. Because they know what socialism is about, like you just mentioned. So I think they're showing their true colors, the Biden administration.

Well, I mean, if they're trying to say, you guys can come you guys can. It's pretty obvious

exactly what's happening. You know, you know, but with that being said, right? You have the lamestream media news. And, of course, they're not being factual they just want to be first course. It was oh, my gosh, the Cuban crisis. These poor people. It's not going to fit their agenda. Don't even talk about it anymore. Nope. they canceled that Cuban crisis out so fast. Miami's writing written I'm not gonna say writing their progress, destiny.

But we noticed here's the thing, when that when them Cubans down there are protesting, they're protesting against communism, not for wars, and therefore they're not burning anything down. They live there. Yeah, they know. They're not tearing up. They're tearing up though. And they're not beating poor people out of their cars and stuff. Right? You know, CMN

well hoarded that the Cuban crisis. Are people writing for access

to the vaccine to the vaccine? Yeah, exactly what they want that cnn ran that three or four times sure that's exactly what they're looking for. They're not well, I guess if you want to call bread, the vaccine breads, the vaccine against hunger, kebab, so yeah, look, man, I tell you what I wish they had done. You know, that plane full of democrats that flew out of Texas to hide from Yeah, from having them. Well, we got to touch on that one today. Don't be good. Yeah, they should have flown ambassadors. Right. Right. Right. Cuba, right. The Cuban dumped them right off like this where you want to be right, he

goes, What do you want to do in America? Yeah, stay here for five years. Yeah. Because that the crisis has nothing to do with the vaccine if here's, we're hungry.

If I'm the Cuban government, and I'm in the communists and I want to hold power. Why not offer that exchange we talked about on the last program. Why not say hey, any commies in the us? We will give you asylum here in Cuba. You want to come and live under we need new blood, new ideas, new communists. And then anybody here, anybody here that wants to live the capitalist lifestyle can get the hell out? This period right and then use the since the cruise lines are down, let the damn cruise ships all last back and forth. The whole cost the whole damn ship lone economies heading towards Miami or n towards Cuba. Oh, and then and then bring them all here bring all the ones that want to fight against communism here now

back to the vaccine for quick touch right? The French President Emmanuel Macron announces all citizens who wish to shop drink, eat travel more worship yeah must be vaccinated. No exceptions. In other words, well man, what are you gonna do? You're gonna sit in your house until you broke and can't afford anything well

as the French that is sit there anyway. Well hello, I'll go get the damn vaccine.

They're gonna be forced to do it now. So how can you tell me this? Isn't the market a BS ban? I don't know. It's It's It's common. Something's common we can't sit here and go Yeah, this is good. They're gonna say it every episode five years we'll know. Yeah, cuz the population was left. You know? Give us some ideas on and you come up with some banger so where we live Yep. Arbor Central Florida. Our governor said we're not doing this here.

Oh yeah the great Rhonda Santas greatest governor Florida ever had and the sheriff and I well let's go down the line with Florida has some great sheriff's go Peyton Grinnell Sheriff for Lake County he don't take any crap none and then once that fell on Polk County that gradient

I'll take any crap green judge famous words. Why did you shoot that man 168 that's all we had. That's all the ammo we had worst cases suicide was. You know, I think paint is just as rough. The paint is more of a well, he's more tactful pain he something now with our line of debt we have of our superheroes, if you will, for our local government. Oh, yeah. The school system is trying to circumvent the governor's orders to Lake County School Board. We got critical race. Yeah, all that crap. And we talked about critical. Here's the thing. Stop teaching race to these kids.

Yeah, the kids don't know what the hell race is. And like everybody who's got a pair of eyes can observe that some people look different than others. But by making them by compartmentalizing, dividing them up now he's just gonna work right? Yeah.

Because you see a little kid Okay, daycare. Yep. You see a little kid run and see his friends. He's happy he's all heck all the time. I don't even look at the color. Now. That's just that's his friend. No. And they eat carrots and celery together and whatnot and play in the art. Oh, wait a minute, little Tommy's little Tommy's Why don't you know he's the devil. Or you know, jack queen is black. Yeah, I could tell by the name. JACK jack when

we're talking to a black guy. Here he comes up with your queen, painted black man in the damn USA. They named a queen. Actually, there is what? I used to know a guy named orange yellow, orange, yellow, because he failed orange jello. His brother was Limoges Hello.

Hello. Are you serious? show you the pictures. Oh my goodness. Well, Mike, he's Is he my cousin? I don't know. This guy knows since we were kids. his daughter's name. You don't know if he's your cousin. I have no clue. He has always had you know, holidays in the getaway. Together. Everybody just kind of hangs out.

Well, I know. Y'all brothers. Why people have cousins. Oh, is that how it worked? Yeah. Hey, what's up brother?

Okay, so he's in lineage somehow. Now he's got four daughters and two sons. One his daughter his oldest daughter's name is attache. Oh, hell yeah. Like what does that call to

shave case? Like a briefcase case? Yeah, that means briefcase. Yeah. Well, everybody's got here's the thing about funny names you know I got some funny man I would say my name on the air but I don't want tracking me down. Did you have a very Yeah, I did have a very common name. Alright, I have a very you know, so like when I go somewhere Michael jobs Yeah, there's 10 people that have the same name as a stand up when they call your name so I gave my son a unique name. Okay. Which I can't say is I want his little information

out. I got some aliases that I go by. Yeah, I go by my alias to the Godfather look out though. That's a good alias. Oh, man.

This what's gonna happen this was gonna happen. I'm gonna be years from now I'll be somewhere and it'll be like